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'Dress Your Family In Corduroy
      and Denim' - David Sedaris
'Empress Orchid' -Anchee Min
'Angels' -Marian Keyes

in your ear!
  'Garota Moderna'
      -Rosalia de Souza
  old Soul Coughing shows

i watched it
  Fahrenheit 9/11
  Harry Potter and the Prisoner
      of Azkaban
  Shrek 2
  Napoleon Dynamite
  Brown Sugar

  Very good!
   Just o.k.

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a little insanity goes a long way

July has been a crazy, crazy month. After I got back from my 4th of July trip home, I had two weeks of almost non-stop work (yes, including the weekends) getting ready to release the project I'd been working on for the past year or so. I finally pushed it out last week and since then things have gotten somewhat calmer. It seems like the major issues have been ironed out (yeah, right) and now it's just the little bugs here & there to fix. I'm not going to believe I'm safe until clients really start pounding on it. The best part will be deleting all the old code once all the clients have switched over to the new product. That, my friends, will be a day of boundless joy and beauty.

During this time of insanity I managed to jump on bn.com and order up a couple of CDs for my listening pleasure. I got 'Garota Moderna' by Rosalia de Souza and Bibel Gilberto's 'Bibel Gilberto'. I loved Bibel's 'Tanto Tempo' but I think her second album will take me a little more time to get in to. 'Garota Moderna', however, is already on heavy rotation. It is quite delightful. Next week I am going to see Cibelle at Joe's Pub in Manhattan and I couldn't be more excited. I picked up tickets last time I was in the city because I'm just that on the ball. And I'm cheap! I hate ticket service fees.

This week I did my 30 minute run for the first time and wasn't dying at the end. I was pretty impressed with myself. The only problem during the run was boredom; I really need to put some better running stuff on my Rio. I had Bjork's 'Vespertine' and a bunch of Soul Coughing tunes from the last time I took the train. What is good for the train is not necessarily good for the gym. I need sprightly, motivating tunes and these did not really fit the bill. I'll have to make a good mix tonight so that I'm all set for tomorrow. Last night I went to soccer practice #2 for this week. Thankfully it was much less humid last night than it was for our practice Monday night. We had 10 people and only 1 ball so we decided just to scrimmage and not to run drills or anything. We had a great game and I played for a full hour. My knee is scraped up but that is oh-kay.

Steven - thanks for the book! What a nice surprise!

i love this place

Gas is cheaper and there's Meijer(s). Ohh, Meijer I loves ye. I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 with Mom tonight. The time is currently 1:43 AM and as I really need to go to bed, my comments will have to wait.

who's in charge here?

Take the money and run.

I first wrote that as 'Take the monkey and run'. Now that's a good typo.

I recently acquired a Palm Tungsten E thanks to my place of employment. It's pretty sweet.

well it's about darn time

A rolling stone catches no moss? Been bery, bery busy lately. Here are the major categories:
Travel: I've been to Washington DC, San Francisco and even stopped in Minneapolis for < 12 hours
Visitors: lots. This has a direct correlation to the amount of housework that needs doing.
Work: more lots. Big projects due soon and I'm an intern manager this summer. Who put me in charge?
Sports: yes, believe it or not, I've gotten sporty. Over the past few of months I've taken up running and soccer. I'm now up to running a respectable 2 miles in one shot and I'm still working on increasing my distance, then I'll worry about speed. I joined a soccer team with a bunch of people I work with. We have orange jerseys and our team name is 'Stamford Untied' which is pretty darn clever, no? I've also been rollerblading. Watch out!
Gardening: i need to weed.

I got a new laptop for work last week and I'm still getting used to it. It's annoying to go and use some software only to realize it's not installed yet. I think I'm getting a new palm soon and that's exciting.

Yesterday at soccer practice I got hit really hard in the face with the soccer ball. It hurt like nobody's business but I didn't cry even though I kind of wanted to. Instead, I kept playing. I'm getting tough. Looking forward to the game tomorrow.

Tonight I'm having dinner in NYC with Kate. Three cheers!

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